Botany is the scientific study of the plants. It includes the study of morphology, anatomy, plant physiology, biochemistry, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants. Now a day’s botany syllabus includes ethnobotany,  medicinal botany, microbiology and immunology. Botanists study how plants evolve and adapt to changing climates and environments and also how they interact with other       organisms. They have a pivotal role in mitigating the loss of biodiversity. This subject modifies into new search for new drugs and drug delivery system, medicines and useful genes for improving crops will continue to create a need for botanical explorers.

Our department is one of the best departments of the college, established on 1968 with general course and promoted into honours on 1999. Choice Based Credit System has been introduced from the session 2017-18.

Our department have well maintained smart class room with modern ICT facilities.  One well arranged medicinal botanical garden is curate by our students. Students are taken to botanical gardens, herbariums, museums, and research institutes which help them to understand about plant diversity, plant taxonomy and state of the art research that are being carried out in different laboratories.

In addition to teaching, the faculty members are also engaged in research and publications that have added immense value to the academic milieu. The Department regularly holds seminars and workshops relevant to the students and the faculty alike. They counsel the students to ensure their multi-dimensional development.

Rampurhat College

Rampurhat, Birbhum-731224

West Bengal, India