Mission, Vision & Objectives


Rampurhat College is a place for empowerment of the youth; for the fusion and refinement of ideas coming from different directions as also those emanating from interactive minds. The College offers an opportunity to invent and reinvent the thoughtful minds, for widening the horizon much beyond their immediate confines. Rampurhat College is a place to help disseminate the wisdom, ancient and modern, as also the art of critiquing them, among generations of student and teacher for betterment of the human social existence, both local and global.


In a peaceful place, the Rampurhat College and the ambience of its campus, is committed to the pursuit of following objectives:

  • Creating the most vibrant knowledge pool in the campus
  • Providing comparable and competitive facilities possible
  • Trying to achieve excellence in all fields of the college activity
  • Empowering the backward social clusters of its hinterland through teaching-learning process beyond class room
  • Promoting the ethnic, social, religious and cultural diversity in unity
  • Reinvigorating our composite heritage in consonance with the global India
Rampurhat College

Rampurhat, Birbhum-731224

West Bengal, India

Email: principal.rampurhatcollege@gmail.com