Library at a Glance

Library at a glance

The central library of Rampurhat College was initially situated within the main administrative building of the college. However, due to the increasing number of books and the number of students the library section was relocated at the ground floor of the newly established Library building in 1993. But the devastating flood of the year 2000 had taken its toll on a large number of books. Many of the text books and rare books were damaged beyond repair by floodwater. Presently, the library is situated at the second floor of the library building. The library is using Koha open source Integrated Library System for the automation of the library and using the barcode technology for circulation and other operations.

The College Library is situated in the second floor of the Library building of the College. About 3000 Sq.ft. is the total carpet area of the central Library. The reading room had a seating capacity of approximately 60 students but due to increasing number of documents a portion of the reading room is used as stack room. Presently reading room has a seating capacity of maximum of 20 students and teachers. The Library is equipped with ICT facilities like Desktops, Printers, Scanners, Telephone, Internet and Wi-Fi.

The Library is managed and financed by Rampurhat College as per the recommendation of Library Sub-Committee apart from the regular Library grant is sanctioned by UGC and State Government. Library Sub-Committee is headed by Principal/Teacher-in-Charge with a teacher as Convener and librarian and Teachers as Members, who monitor the functioning of the Library.

Library has a collection of more than 36,000 books on various subjects offered by the college along with books on religion, biography, different types of dictionary, encyclopaedia etc. The library subscribes a number of journals and daily newspapers such as: Economic and political weekly, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, Ekak Matra, Polyphony, Aajkal. The library is a member of the Project entitled "National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST). Through the N-LIST website ( number of e-books and peer reviewed journals can also be accessed on-line.


The library currently serves the students of 18 undergraduate courses and 3 postgraduate courses. Besides, the Day section the library also accommodates the morning section of the college. There is another section of the library for the students of the evening shift and his section works separately. The library provides services to a large number of teachers and the non-teaching staff of the college. Others may use the reference section by permission of authority only. The library remains closed on all Sundays and scheduled holidays


  1. Circulation of books and journals
  2. Reference service
  3. Bibliographic service
  4. Display of new arrivals
  5. OPAC and Card catalogue
  6. Access to N-LIST for e-books and e-journals
  7. Internet
  8. Users orientation (Library Tour)
  9. Reprographic service

Future Planning

  1. Implementation of CCTV and RFID technology.
  2. Provision for Spacious reading room
Rampurhat College

Rampurhat, Birbhum-731224

West Bengal, India