Prospectus 2022


Code of Conduct --

Students should

  • get their registration and enrolment within three months from the date of admission on the date as notified by the college office.
  • pay tution fee on regular basis.
  • clear all sorts of college dues in time.
  • collect identity card from the office in time.
  • attend at least 50% of the total classes held.
  • secure at least 30% marks for General and 40% marks for Honours in each paper.
  • maintain cleanliness of the college campus.
  • obey all the rules and regulations of the college.


1. Ragging is totally phohibited in the institution and anyone found guilty of ragging is liable to be punished.

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Code of conduct for teachers-

  1. Being the faculties of a state-aided college, the teachers of this institution should follow the code of conduct laid down in West Bengal Universities and Colleges (Administration & Regulation) Act 2017.
  2. The teaching faculties are also subject to the guidelines provided by UGC for college teachers.
  3. Every teacher of this institution should abide by the basic human values and should practice whatever he/she preaches.
  4. A teacher of this institution should be committed to the interests of the students. A teacher shall not prevent any student from expressing his/her viewpoint and should encourage every student. The teacher should also ensure that the college campus is a ragging-free zone.
  5. A teacher must alongside teaching, pursue research as innovation and thus contribute to the academic development of the institution.
  6. The teacher will have to carry out the institution’s educational responsibilities such as regulating online admissions and conducting seminars.
  7. A teacher should participate in college sports and cultural programmes of the institution as well as different social activities & community services in this locality.
  8. There should be no conflict between professional work and private practice. Private tuitions should be avoided as they have a negative impact upon the quality of college teaching.
  9. The teacher must respect the confidentiality of all information regarding examination and administrative affairs.
  10. Teachers should be respectful and cooperative towards their colleagues, assisting them and sharing the responsibilities in a collaborative manner.


Rampurhat College

Rampurhat, Birbhum-731224

West Bengal, India